About us

We live by delivering beyond expectations.

We've been doing this longer than just about anyone. Our founder put the first completely wireless RF hotel guestroom energy management system in the market.

We've created the worlds first prescriptive utility rebate for occupancy sensors, helped design the 2013 CA Title 24 Building Energy Code standards for hotels, were awarded the only GGEC Platinum rating ever issued and multiple internationally recognized energy efficiency awards from Mexico to Asia Pacific.

With live access to data we couldn't get 10 years ago, we're going to put our money where our mouth is. We've created persistent guaranteed returns, otherwise known as "money in your pocket."

why choose us?

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    Not only have we developed new technologies and business models, but we are field guys. We have toiled away with our own hands for decades. This means we understand what our equipment, our partners, our installers and our customers go through every day.
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    It`s finally time to bring some transparency into this business. So rather than focusing on marketing and fancy executive dinners, we are just going to dump all our data on the market, so that you and every future you will be fully informed.
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    We are focused on delivering energy efficiency. It starts with knowing if a room is occupied or not, then reducing unoccupied wastage. The result is at least a 10% reduction in kWh use. Our Virtutility “Savings as a Service” allows you to focus on investing that savings rather than "investing to save."
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our mission

Conectric uses a mix of business intelligence, data and the internet of things to reliably deliver reduced building energy use to property owners, operators, developers and energy companies.

We do this by following a simple formula that focuses on high return projects in occupancy based lighting and HVAC control, using our own solutions and developing creative business models.

Our goal is to aggregate negawatts on a massive scale delivered by occupancy driven energy automation.

Conectric intends to build the world's largest networks of on-demand commercially deliverable "virtual power plants" and energy efficiency, through our potential millions of hotel rooms and other 24h occupancy variable environments.

Our "Conectric Grid" works in real time and around the world, in parallel to the supply-side grid to reduce and balance the actual grid load, rather than just shifting it around. All at a much lower costs than traditional, alternative, renewable or other power storage solutions.


Our founders have a track record of success and the tools to realize the Conectric mission.
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It takes perspective and experience to be successful. Conectric cultivates this philosophy and we're using it to create the best products possible.
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