Management Team

Phillip Kopp - Founder and CEO

Phillip is an entreprenuer and business strategist that has started and sold numerous companies involved with hotel technology including energy management, internet marketing and inventory/revenue management software. He has started multiple companies and raised millions of dollars in debt and equity funding over the last 15 years of his career as a technology entrepreneur.

Phillip's products and customers have received numerous international awards, patents and accolades and can be found today in hotels in over 90 countries. Phillip has written or be named in 15 US and International Patent applications and Issues. Prior to founding Conectric, he founded and was the chairman of Cloudbeds, a SaaS solution for independant hotels that generates Billions of dollars in reservation transactions today.

Prior to Cloudbeds he served as an elected officer for publicly listed Group Somfy SAS, a global leader in building automation based in Cluses, France for their hotel energy management division. He entered Somfy through thier acquisition of his company, Energy Eye, Inc., also a global leader in hotel energy management sensors and controls. Phillip has worked with the Public Utility industry to help architect new incentive programs that stimulate investments in energy efficiency, including contributions to studies in California which led to the world’s first legislation mandating occupancy sensors into hotel and high rise building energy code (Title 24, 2013).

Phillip has been married to his Brazilian wife, Ana Paula since 2006 and loves playing with his two children. He speaks Portuguese and several other languages fluently, has lived on three continents in five countries. Some of his best memories come from his days of kart and car racing around the world during his teenage years, which included regular competition with many of today's NASCAR, Formula 1, Indianapolis and LeMans prototype champions.


Robin Bisarya, MSEE, MBA, JD - CFO

Robin has extensive experience working with startups - gaming, big data, technology, hardware and communications; raising venture financing, partnerships and acquisitions. In addition to acting as CFO for Conectric, Robin works is also a Director of Raj Group of Newspapers and TV and MBH NRG, LLC which designs power infrastructure internationally.

Robin has a proven track record of directing global corporate strategy and operations, finance, big data infrastructure, medical data management, security and analytics, storage systems while working and partnering with industry leaders like Ford Motor, WIPRO, TATA, and Cirrascale Corp. At Perminova, Robin was responsible for big data and medical data security and successfully managing the exit transaction of the venture.

Prior to joining Perminova, Robin provided private equity management and due diligence services to a range of technology firms. He specialized in working with investors from India looking to invest in companies doing business in healthcare and technology companies. Previously, he was a founder of EzeeLink, a wireless devices middleware company. He also led development of the wireless products and services strategy for Wingcast, a wireless telematics company that was a joint venture of Ford Motor Co. and Qualcomm. Robin also served as e-Business Manager and Controller of Eastern Operations at Ford.

Robin has multiple disciplinary degrees to his credit: BSEE in Electronics & Computer Engineering from Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal; BSEE in Telecommunications from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal; MSEE in telecommunications and Bio-Medical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin; MBA in Finance from University of Texas-The Red McCombs School of Business; and a JD in International Trade & Federal Taxation from Concord Law School.


Demetrio Tessada - Co-Founder, VP Sales

Prior to co-founding Conectric, Demetrio worked together with Phillip (Kopp) for 8 years as the exclusive distributor for Energy Eye in Mexico. Demetrio built Energy Eye de Mexico into the leading hotel energy efficiency sensors and controls contractor from the ground up. He developed accounts with every major Mexican hotel operator including: Groupo Posadas, Starwood Mexico, Groupo Pueblo Bonito, IHG and others, consistently winning against well known automation contractors. Prior to that, Demetrio is a veteran of the elite US Army Rangers, AA (All American) 82nd Airborne division having graduated Ranger School at Ft. Benning, Georgia and serving multiple terms throughout 7 years.

After retiring from the Army, Demetrio started a career in sales learning from his brother in the automotive field in Southern California before moving to Mexico to start Energy Eye de Mexico. In addition to selling millions of dollars in controls contracts, Energy Eye de Mexico received numerous project awards for energy efficiency including two presidential mentions for supplying the most energy efficient hotel in Mexico and the largest energy efficiency project in a medium sized commercial business (hotel). He was one of the largest producers of the national energy efficiency fund FIDE administered by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). Demetrio understands both sales and field operations of the business intimately.

Demetrio is an American born Mexican. He attended Shawnigan Lake, an elite boarding school on the Island of Vancouver, B.C. Canada and studied Administration at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. Demetrio is married to his wife Eva and has two children. He is an admitted golfaholic, sportsfisherman and motorcycle enthusiast and is the President of the Tijuana Baja California BMW Motorrad Club chapter.


Wolfgang Lukaschek, MSc., MBA - Chief Building Scientist

Wolfgang is an experienced building scientist and renewable energy consultant with an Masters of Science in Building Technology and management from the University of Applied Sciences Pinkafeld, Austria. Wolfgang also has a business education with a Masters Degreen in International Business Consultancy from the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Wolfgang has numerous publications while working as a Research Associate at the Center for the Built Environment (CBE), University of California, Berkeley which were cited by the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program.

Wolfgang has worked as the Division Manager for the Sustainability department at Delta Projectkonsult Gmbh. a leading European architect and consulting firm in Vienna, Austria. He also worked as an application engineer launching heat pump and solar verticals for Rehau in South East Europe.

Wolfgang provides Green Building consulting services through his company, The Building Scientist, performing project management and energy auditing services for institutional and commercial buildings including hotels and universities and is Certified as a LEED AP, DNGB energy auditor and is an Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Licensed Energy Auditor.


Dr. Ekawahyu Susilo - CTO

Ekawahyu is a leading electrical engineering researcher, scientist and developer who specializes in hardware and software design for low power embedded systems, open architecture, IoT and wireless mesh networks.

Ekawahyu has won many best innovation awards in electronics and computer science competitions in his native Indonesia which lead him on the path to earn PhD. EE at Scoula Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa, Italy in miniature wireless embedded systems for robotic applications.

After receiving his PhD. Ekawahyu has won numerous awards for the design of microsurgical and educational robots including Eurosensor 2008 and IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation 2009, the White House Smart America Challenge and a grant from the National Science Foundation. His notable works include three European Projects, namely VECTOR, ARES and P.Cezanne for millimeter size robotics. He brings miniaturization technology into a whole new level of low cost manufacturing techniques.

Ekawahyu has led numerous development and research teams developing hardware and software applications with extreme objectives, including real-time 3D locating down to a 10cm resolution. Ekawahyu currently represents Vanderbilt University a Research Fellow managing teams developing special projects for the US White House, the National Science Foundation and the United Arab Emirates.

Ekawahyu is a global citizen like the rest of our team and speaks Indonesian, English, Italian, Chinese and Spanish. He is married to a Chinese wife, Jinling and daughter Cindy Lu.


Cameron Turner - Chief Digital Officer

If there were such a thing as Digital Rockstar, it would be Cameron. Cameron has worked as a Director of Design and UI/UX consultant for numerous start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Cameron’s vast experience includes leading Digital and Design teams at Fortune 500 companies like Qualcomm, Amazon AWS, Oakley, Samsung, AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Microsoft, Sony, Vistage CEO, Holiday Inn, Everbank. He has led the Design of many start-up’s who went on to success like EcoATM’s $350M exit, Leanplum’s 11M+ Series B, Global Analytics and most recently, Gigwalk.

Cameron has the killer combination of experience in design, user experience and digital marketing. He has worked in leading global digital agencies Alternative Strategies, cynergy. and JWT.

Cameron studied Journalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia and a degree in Interactive Design, HCI, Software and Game Design from the Art Institute of California, San Diego. He has been a chapter President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AiGA), an EiR at EvoNexus and CommNexus and is currently a mentor at Hack the Hood, an organization changing the outlook about technology for underprivileged children and young adults.