Conectric Savings as a Service

It's as simple as 1,2,3...

Savings as a Service℠ provides hotels with Guaranteed energy savings, compliance to building code mandates and operational best practices. Including complete auditing and reporting to international standards.

SaaS is already budgeted in every hotel and is approved for publicly available incentives from major utilities like Hawaii Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE). All without costing a penny Out of Pocket (OoP).

Why not start saving today?

We perform a "soft audit" using historical data and statistical analysis to qualify your property for a free ASHRAE LEVEL II energy audit (value up to $0.25/ft2).
Your energy audit will reveal energy savings opportunities, including Guestroom Energy Management that can be GUARANTEED, without long term commitements or budgeting Out of Pocket.
You get Guaranteed results that bring your building to current standards, operated by Conectric end-to-end, keeping you always up to date.

Contact us to speak with an Conectric Solutions Consultant. We will evaluate your project potential and make you a proposal that will make your energy saving work whole lot easier.
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