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Wilmington, DE 12/19/2013. Conectric LLC (Conectric - “Savings on Demand”) is being launched with the goal of developing the world’s largest integrated network of automated energy efficiency (EE) and demand response (ADR), driven by hotel buildings. Conectric will do this by consolidating the ECOSYSTEM HVAC and lighting energy automation solution with the Virtutility “Savings as a Service” energy service and contracting brands. The “Conectric Grid” is supported by a global network of energy professional Service Providers to build our potential inventory of millions of hotel rooms worldwide out of the existing $1 Billion hotel energy management market.

Conectric is different from existing controls vendors and energy service contractors by applying technology and business models that are more accessible to customers and other industry stakeholders. In order to quickly contract inventory, Conectric is using a highly focused model, based on the lowest cost, highest returning energy efficiency measures into hotels. Hotels have a uniquely effective operational profile for delivering (combined) energy efficiency and demand response performance.

The ECOSYSTEM and Virtutility solutions provide a unique opportunity to do this in the hotel environment where there is a tremendous amount of un-tapped inventory. The overall objective is the aggregation of this technology with the existing “Smart Grid 2.0” infrastructure, or the actual balancing of energy supply and demand in real time.

Conectric’s Founder Phillip Kopp details some of these points. “Our goal is to bring open technology to the market in a practical and affordable way. Technology that can solve innumerous problems with today’s energy market. Today we have tools that weren’t available five years ago and as a company our management has experience in the practical reality of this business that most (tech) new comers do not. I strongly believe we can contribute to the changing needs of the utility business model and really make practical use out of smart grid capabilities.

Our model is specific to hotel buildings, but is still extremely scalable. We are going to roll out some incredible products over the next 12 months in certain areas. Conectric was launched with several “Service Provider” relationships already in place and a substantial installed base of the ECOSYSTEM solutions in several operating hotels and serviced apartment buildings.

About Conectric: Conectric LLC is a Delaware based start-up addressing the $1 Billion hotel energy management market. Conectric provides end-to-end solutions that help commercial building owners and operators reduce HVAC and lighting energy usage. Their goal is to develop a large network of “Virtual Power Plants” using inventory focused in hotel buildings. This includes what they have dubbed “energy middleware” which includes hardware and software solutions that enable building operators, utilities and financing partners to successfully implement energy retrofit projects.

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