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Wilmington, DE 6/16/2014. Conectric LLC (Conectric - “Savings on Demand”) announces the recent addition of two new key management team members, reinforcing its scientific and technology oriented approach to hotel building energy control.

Wolfgang Lukaschek, MSc. and Dr. Ekawahyu Susilo are bringing substantial value to the Conectric management team as CBO (Chief Building Scientist) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) respectively. These roles will bolster the company’s efforts to become the forefront provider of performance based energy efficiency and demand response in the rapidly growing global hotel energy management market.

According to the clean-tech startup’s Co-Founder Demetrio Tessada, “Big automation companies and market newcomers aren’t applying building science into their products the way we are. This need is born from our results oriented business strategy and our deep understanding of how building energy works from past experiences. In the past, vendors didn’t really care that much about their product’s performance once they were sold, this was always the customer’s (building operators) problem. Wolfgang is a very experienced building scientist, he has worked extensively with both renewable energy and building dynamics. Having worked as a researcher at UC Berkeley developing modules for the US Department of Energy EnergyPlus software, he understands the models and what doesn’t work about them, well. This ties together both key aspects of the new energy economy which are very important to consider in tandem. We are building real building physics, thermodynamics and human psychology into our energy control algorithms to absolutely maximize both performance and occupant comfort. He is also building our automated platforms for data analysis and project M&V performance (Measurement and Verification) that will be the backbone of our offering. As far as we are aware, there is nobody in the market tying all these aspects together. We are setting a new standard for the industry.”

Mr. Lukaschek said, “After working in this field as both a researcher and project engineering manager I have seen the difference between what happens theoretically and in the field. I have known this team for a long time and am very proud to finally work together with them to make big improvements on today’s standards.”

Dr. Susilo is one of the world’s foremost prize winning miniaturized electronics and robotics scientists. He is working closely with Conectric CEO and product manager Phillip Kopp to develop new solutions to building energy control, what they have dubbed “energy middleware.” As a new member of the Conectric team Dr. Susilo commented, “I am very excited about the potential of what we are working on. My career has been focused on low cost, deeply embedded microelectronic manufacturing. I see the vision of this company for my personal passion, the Internet of Things and how we can apply my work into something with such huge market potential. We want to make energy control affordable, scalable, reliable and most importantly, monetizable.”

About Conectric: Conectric LLC is a start-up addressing the projected $1 Billion hotel energy management market. Conectric provides end-to-end solutions that help commercial building owners and operators reduce HVAC and lighting energy usage. Their goal is to develop a large network of “Virtual Power Plants” using inventory focused in hotel buildings. This includes what they have dubbed “energy middleware” which includes hardware and software solutions that enable building operators, utilities, consumers and financing partners to successfully implement energy retrofit projects.

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