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Cancún, México 7/10/2013. ESYS Energy Controls has applied and been issued CE certifications for the ECOSYSTEM range of energy management controls and sensors. The certifications were issued for several components including the wireless Portal G1, Optic G1 and Auto G1 as well as the wired Clime G2.

All wireless sensors are based on 434MHz radios and high quality Microchip PIC microcontrollers. The Portal G1 is a wireless door sensor which is used for monitoring entry, exit and balcony doors. The Optic G1 is a wireless PassiveInfraRed (PIR) occupancy sensor for monitoring human occupancy. The Auto G1 Wireless control panel and radio receiver which communicates with all of the other listed sensors and controls lighting and air conditioning zones (rooms). Finally, the Clime G2 is a wired temperature sensor for monitoring air temperatures remotely as needed.

CE certifications were issued according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards EN60950, EN6100, EN300 and EN301 for low voltage directive and Radio Frequency emissions. This allows the ECOSYSTEM to be used in many key international markets including Europe and North Africa, something that previous energy management solutions have not been tested for. Also, these certifications allow the direct connection of low current high voltage loads, up to 277VAC to the Auto G1 control panel on-board relays, allowing for faster and lower cost installations than previous energy management controllers which required the use of an external, isolating relay.

Demetrio Tessada, President of ESYS Energy Controls was pleased to comment “Obtaining the new CE certifications was an important step for ESYS in proving this updated energy management control solution. Specifically, it allows us to install the boards directly to control loads without using extra components and relays cutting down installation time and costs even further. We are now controlling fancoil valves and key lighting loads directly and safely. Our initial installation tests are working perfectly and all of this is added value to the market and the project, delivering lower ROI times. We continue to respect our customers by delivering the best solutions possible according to international standards.”

About ESYS Energy Controls: ESYS Energy Controls (ESYS) is an energy efficiency technology distributor and HVAC contractor based in Cancún, México. ESYS develops efficiency projects for hotels that include occupancy based air conditioner automation and high efficiency LED lightbulb retrofits. ESYS services the entire federal territory of México and also has offices in Guadalajara and Hermosillo.

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