Made Just for You.

Get past the Proof of Concept. By finding Conectric you may have just saved about 10,000 hours and 100 phone calls.

Wires, electricity, ethernet, fiber, installation, architecting, IT security. Don’t forget proprietary vendor data and ridiculous cloud hosting fees. A small taste of the major costs and complexities that leads 60% of IoT projects to failure at just the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage.

Conectric Networks has eliminated all of those risks. Systems integrators and even Web Developers are now free to quickly and easily integrate fully abstracted, near real-time sensor data, with just about any software application using modern programming languages. Including popular messaging services and rich dashboards.

Integrate just about any hardware that communicates over RS485 twisted pair wirelessly. You can even send commands using popular protocols like MODBUS. With open source software and databases, you can setup a secure system to collect, store, report, visualize data and even control appliances completely for free. There is no better price than free. We leave the possibilities to your imagination.

Step 1:Order A Demo kit

Step 2:Download the SDK

Step 3:Develop, integrate and test your app

Step 4:Deliver massive ROI to your customer

Step 5:Add more sensors

Step 6:Rinse and Repeat