42% of executives say they need near real-time data visualization and analysis down to every minute or less. Yet the market standard for Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) data refresh is just 15 minutes, at best. This technology gap leaves the world in a position of enormous risk.

Conectric's foundational technology is an end-to-end set of wireless building blocks that make it easy to integrate the right existing IoT software platform for your business need. Our solution provides near real-time environmental and energy data from existing assets such as buildings, machines and equipment and is the key to successful end-to-end value creation. This is because our battery powered wireless sensors can send 10’s millions of messages, making them extremely easy to install and operate reliably in near-real time including critical systems. Our uniquely flexible edge server works with or without the cloud, enabling us to engage with enterprise and government customers. Fast data is reliable data. Clean data is secure data. Bi-directional control is value creation.

Convenient high performance smart sensor packs digitalize the physical world for: environmental conditions, energy consumption, human occupancy and machine states (RS485) over the Conectric wireless network.

Conectric provides immediate value to: IoT | Smart Energy | Smart City | Smart Security | Smart Building | Smart Real Estate | Smart Manufacturing | Smart Logistics | Smart Mobility | Data Analytics | Blockchain and AI Artificial Intelligence initiatives, now!


Reduce total cost of ownership to just a few cents per day. Self-installed 10+ year lithium powered wireless sensors. Get to places wired or energy harvesting sensors cannot, free from IT constraints, and installed in just seconds.


Masked AES128 private keys stored in flash memory. Take your data anywhere without monthly fees… Keep it private or ship it to the cloud. Build on free Open Source software. It’s up to you!


Mesh network from 1 to 50,000 wireless sensors without architecting, planning or commissioning. Free from wires, technicians, and expensive IT consulting.


JSON abstracted sensor data and SDK makes integrating physical data with 100’s of popular web apps like Twilio, Slack, Grafana, Kibana, Tableau. Easy peasy.

Software Gateway +
Wireless Sensors

Provide 5G like benefits to empower AI driven industry, buildings, cities and energy. Simple Node.js software gateway and Secure Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networking (LoWPAN) solutions.

  • Open Source Node Gateway
  • 802.15.4 ISM Band
  • CE/FCC Certifications
  • 50m Indoor/1km Outdoor
  • Up to 500 Nodes/Network
  • Up to 50K Sensor/Network
  • 10 Year Battery life
  • AES128 Hardware keys
Wireless Sensors
  • Edge G3: SBC Gateway
  • Echo G3: USB Router
  • Clime G3: Temp/Humidity
  • Optic G3: Occupancy
  • Portal G3: Switch
  • Lux G3: Light
  • Aqua G3: Leak
  • Pulse G3: 3v Pulse
  • Serial G3: RS485
  • More coming...
  • Utility Sub-metering
  • Heat Cost Allocation
  • Energy Management
  • Security
  • Medical/Supply Chain
  • Building Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Cross-Vendor Integrations
Example - Energy Case Study

Conectric Networks G3 Product Gallery

No Hidden Costs

Node.js Software Developer Kit


Open Source Node.js gateway is free on NPM. Contact us to scope your sensor application. No ongoing or hidden costs.

Networking Components

Bring your own gateway or use one of ours. Wireless mesh networks scale up to 500 nodes and 50,000 sensors using our Plug-and-Play Routers.

MSRP $150-$599/ea.

Wireless Sensors

We offer sensors for temperature, humidity, occupancy, proximity and magnetic switches, pulse sensors and RS485 serial data hubs.

MSRP $150/ea.

Cloud or SaaS

We offer data hosting and sensor management on the world’s most secure, scalable and reliable Google Cloud Platform. If you’d like to pay for your sensors as a monthly HWaaS, let's talk.

From $5/mo.

Energy Intelligence

Conectric has the worlds most advanced energy intelligence systems. From Demand charge management to economic energy bidding, developed under the California Energy Commission EPIC program.

From $69/mo.

  • "Santa came this morning." Software Engineer, CBRE Build NY

  • "Thanks for making such a wonderful and easy to use product! It’s fantastic to implement and works very well!" CEO, More Data EU

  • "Reach out to Conectric and look no further." CEO, Go-IoT