Behavior drives energy.

Conectric has nearly two decades of experience saving energy in commercial buildings, and more than 800 Million energy market data points in our data lake.

It is a fact. Energy use intensity (kWh/m2) can vary by a factor of 5, even for the same building: use, occupancy, size and city. Decades of experience has taught us that human behavior is the #1 reason why.

Conectric Networks has light touch software to analyze smart meter energy data without installation of physical sensors. Once the opportunity for savings is identified, our smart sensors and ultra scalable networks can collect Gigabytes of data weekly about building and occupant behaviors.

Using fresh big data, married with Conectric's patented energy management algorithms (developed over the last 20 years in award winning projects), we can predict and control building behavior without disrupting occupants, matching the grids needs in real time by bidding into economic energy markets.

Now that's intelligent.

Step 1:Connect your smart meter

Step 2:Run a Conectric Soft Audit

Step 3:Install smart metering

Step 4:Install smart sensors

Step 5:Control building energy

Step 6:Bid into energy markets and get paid